Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First days are akward.

What I wore Today:
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Shirt-Forever21 Vest-Thrifted Undershirt-Charolette Russe Jeans-Hollister (thrifted for $5!) Shoes-Keds Bracelets-Random

So, there's my black Keds, in all their glory!

First day of school was pretty cool.I'm not looking foward to my Ap History class or my Chemistry Honors class. My math class has all seniors and juniors in it. Wish I had people my age in it....
Then Ap World History is just a big fat 45 minute lecture every day except for on test days. I fall asleep soo easily during lectures. Great.....

Anyways, I want a pair of TOMS shoes. this pair to be exact.

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Navy blue. Oh yesss.
It'll set me back about $52, with the shipping and whatnot. And it'll get shipped September 15th.
I need to order themmmmmm.

Also, I've been on the lookout for black jeans, a pair that fits me the way I like it seem impossible to find. Very dissapointing. I'll still be on the lookout for a pair though.

Also, I've taken a liking to Egyptian eyes lately. I'd probably have to buy one online though, seeing that I haven't found any in stores.
I wouldn't mind getting my hands on this necklace, this ring and a necklace with this kind of eye on it.
We'll seeee.


Style Bird said...

Great look..love all the bracelets.

Amelia said...

I love the vest and the keds! You're going to have to learn to stay awake during lectures. That's mostly all you get for the first few years of college.

E M M A said...

cute! (:

Anonymous said...


Clara said...

i love your look! :]



Becca Joy said...

I hope you get your shoes! H&M has awesome black jeggings, they are kinda like leggings but jeans, they fit amazing and are very comfy...plus it also helps that they are cheap! I love good deals :)