Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is why I love Regina. She's not a perfect musician all the time!

Friday, January 28, 2011


 I auditioned for my school play, Aida, on Wednesday. The results came in today and I didn't get a principal part. Oh well, you can't win 'em all, ya know? There are many little parts, so I'm bound to still get a part.
 I have to start organizing stuff for inductions into the International Thespian Society. I'm an inductor this year. I think I want to do my theme as Grease. I believe my inductee would enjoy dressing up as Sandy.
 Welll, I hope you all had a good week and have an even better weekend!
Blazer-Salvation Army
Shoes-Sheriff's Youth Ranch

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wonderful Wardrobes: Edition X

1. Red Red by Hand it Over
I'm really lusting for a cream cardigan to pair with my dresses right now. White is too bright and black is too dark. I've also just been attracted to bold colors lately. Like dark reds, dark purples and dark green, and this dress is a nice red.
2.All Wrapped Up by Myraid.of.Mischief.
I would absolutely never think of pairing a leopard print with red, never in my wildest dreams, but it looks absolutely stunning here. I just think she's beautiful in general too. I'm not creeping or anything.
 3 A Forest by The Stylish Heart
I think the white on white is what drew me  to this look at first. I like the pop of color the green cardigan brings to the outfit also.
4.Christmas-y by Dear Fish 
Oh manomanoman. Loved this skirt the minute I saw it. And a tiger belt? Oh yesss.
5.Bananagrams by The Stylish Wanderer
I really liked the pastel color combo of the jacket. The brown looks really nice with it too, as opposed to a jean.
6. Little Birds by Orchid Grey
Grandpa cardigan! If I saw this color cardigan, I would definitely have a hard time imagining how to style it, she does a great job though. I would never have thought to put blue with it!

I Want to Feel Alive

 I went to a show Saturday to see my friend's band, Bear Mountain Brigade, and this is what I wore.
Remember when I said I bought stuff at the thrift store when I went to go apply for a job? Wellll, her's a skirt from that. I seriously love it. Purple and short-ish and tight-ish, a nice change from what has become the norm in my closet.
 I did my makeup too, just for the heck of it, went for the winged look.
I started my first day of dual enrollment classes today at my community college. So far, so good. My exams are coming up though.... Not too excited about Physics and Pre-Calc.... I'll manage like I always do though...
Cardigan- JcPenny
Shirt-Old Navy
Shoes- BDG
Necklace-Salvation Army

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pull your pants up

 I believe I wore this Friday.... Yeahhh, I tend to not post my outfits the day I wear them.

I went to go see my friend's band play at a bar last night, and oh my goodness, they are so good! Their style of songwriting has completely changed since I played a show with them. What blew me away was their use of instruments. They had a xylophone and a weird little instrument that I can't seem to remember the name of.... Once I get my phone back, I'll look it up and put a picture of it up here.
     So anyways, you're probably saying "So what, big deal, people have instruments in bands like that all the timeee", well, the wow factor for me is that these boys are still in high school, and they have all of these dynamics and what not. Mannnn, I just have respect for them as artists, because I don't have the talent they have.

Dress-Local thrift store
Tights- ?

Kinda hard to do those jumping photos with a self timer...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Reflections show what you can't see

Shirt- Old Navy
cardigan-Silence and Noise (Urban Outfitters)
Skirt-Sparkle + Fade (Urban Outfitters)
Tights- Target
Flats- BGD (Urban Outfitters)

I wore this Wednesday and didn't really have the energy to go outside and take pictures because I was studying for a pre-calc and physics test.  I had a history test the next day also, but I didn't study for it. I ended up getting an A on it though! I got a 74 on the physic test and I don't know what I got on the pre-calc class. He never does tell us...
     Anywho, after school yesterday, I went out to my local thrift store to get a job application, cause I reallyyyyyy wanna work there. (They hire people like, 10 seconds after they fire someone though. It's ridiculous...) Even though I had no intention to, I bought some things while I was there. A purple mini skirt, a red skirt (need to hem), a skirt with a chevron print on it (need to finish hemming), a  blue shirt with a parrot on it, and a shirt with some nice lace detail on it. It's from Fredericks of Hollywood.... Which is a lingerie store in my mall... So it may be lingerie.....


 1?2/3/4 (Fashion Gone Rouge) /5 ?/6

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wonderful Wardrobes: Edition IX

1. Days 20thand 21st  by DearBeatrice
She's doing this really cool thing, "dressember". And I have to give her points for sticking to it, because I know that I wouldn't want to  wear a dress every day of December, my legs would freeze! The color of her tights is a beautiful deep rich red, and I now have an eye out looking for a pair like that.
 2. Robes and Furred Gowns Hide All by The Clothes Horse
 Okay, seriously, how awesome is that cardigan?! Just thinking about having a cardigan like that makes me happy. It would make so many outfits look cooler. Gahhhh, you have no idea.
3. A Partridge in a Pear Tree by Jess Loves Fred
 When I saw this red dress, I instantly regretted not buying a dress the same color at a thrift store the other day. That dress didn't have pleats, like this one, so it wasn't as awesome, but red is such a vibrant, beautiful color to have a dress be. And seriously, with the coat-sequin thing? B-e-a-utiful.
4. The Winner is by Hand it over
 I reallly like double breasted things. Preferably in navy, soooo, obviously, I like her coat. Her shorts are super fun, kind of like a navajo print, looks like they'd be fun to wear. And lovee her lace shirt.
5. Hallelujah by The Stylish Wanderer
Gosh, I just seriously love the color combination here. I would never have thought to pair the two. Color wise or style wise. I mean, the jacket seems way too casual for the dress, but together they create a unique look. I also like the stiffness of the dress, if that makes sense.
This is her childhood coat. Like, seriously? I can't imagine how big it was on her when she was a child. Her dress, the skirt of it is a beautiful dark red velvet. Mhhh, it's beautiful paired with the lace of the top.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paisley like whaaa

 I'm really liking the color of this shirt. In fact, I like it as much as I used to like the shirt below. Although, I've come to not like that shirt as much as I used to...
 I went out on a friend date with my boyfriend's best friend today at Hooters. Heyheyhey, we only went there because he had a $25 gift certificate. And for your information, I prefer Wing house over Hooters. It's just the atmosphere I guess. Anyways, I got snow crab legs. Delishhhhh.
 Auditions for my school's musical, Aida, are coming up soon. I have to have a one minute monolouge and sing 16 bars of a song. Aida is kinda like a rock opera, and I don't really know that my voice is capable of handling that, but I figure I'll still try, ya know?
 Also, induction stuff for the International Thespian Society is nearing closer. For any of you long time readers, you'll know that I got inducted into the ITS last year, and had to go through hell week. Now I get to do that to someone this year :)
Shirt-Salvation Army

Hope ya'll are having a good week :)