Tuesday, January 4, 2011


In Janurary I celebrated the new year with friends, I made my 100th post, went on a ski trip, and went through hell week and got inducted into the International Thespian Society

I got my first pair of boots and took my dive into mixing prints.

I had my one year blog-a-versary, I got my first and only (so far) free item from a fashion website, I started wearing skirts more, started wearing patterned tights more, and I had one of my first professional performances as an artist

I started experimenting with makeup, I had a door kicked into my forehead, my obsession with vests grew, A asked me out :), I became more focused on finding shoes, and I made a confession,

I went to a Thespian Banquet, I bought some rompers, had my 1 month with A, and went to a chorus banquet.

I finished my sophomore year in high school, got my first pair of high waist jean shorts, bought my first pair of man shoes, sang at graduation, went to Ikea, My parents opened a cafe, I discovered a cute shop in my city, I started having shows at the cafe with a fellow artist,

I finally got some new shoes, went to a pioneer camp and got a mini guitar (okay.... stole it..from A)

I started Wonderful Wardrobes, bought a ukulele, I also started Totally Awesome Tunes, I got a gig at a cafe in Clearwater, and I started my junior year in high school,

I auditioned for "You Can't Take it With You" at my school and got the part of the Gramd Duchess Olga Katrina, I went to the Dali museum, had a photo shoot, went to the flea market with a friend, celebrated my and A's 5-month by going to a goodwill, I realized that I should appreciate everything in life,

I went to Halloween Horror nights, dressed up crazy for homwecoming week, then went to homecoming, and had a ukulele photo shoot with my friend.

I took a break from thrifting because of a bed bug epedemic :(, got my pictureein the yearbook, twice!, was in a musical theatre review of shows, went on Thanksgiving break, and got a car!

I got my first winter coat!, bought a Christmas tree, got around to posting pictures from when A and I hung out a while back, ordered a pair of oxfords, got lost in my car, went to thespian districts, enjoyed time with the fam, and got a new guitar.

What a good year :)

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