Monday, April 19, 2010


Shirt/Belt/Skirt(worn as dress)- Thrifted :: Shoes/Tights-?

Soooo, I love this shirt! It was one of my finds from my thrifting extravaganza. And this skirt, don't even get me started on it! I just love the flowiness of it.

Alright guys, I need new black shoes. Now, I'm going to get a new pair of black flats soo.
But I want a pair of more fashion foward shoes, black, to start with.

I was considering these, for oxfords, because they're only $30, and I desperately want a pair of oxfords!
Whenever I've gone thrifting, I've also been looking for a pair of loafers, because I've seen some girls style them, and I likes the look. I've also been looking for a pair of granny boots with a rounder toe than the one my pair of boots has, but no luck in that department either...
I could also just get some flats with cool designs on them....
Oh yeah, I'm not a heels girl, so keep thath in mind. Haha.
So, I appreciate ya'lls suggestions :)
P.S. I got more than I thought yesterday:
4 shirts
2 rompers
2 dresses
1 cardigan
1 sweater
1 henley
1 pair of jeans
1 backpack
Oh yeah, I reallly did bring a load in.

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