Sunday, April 4, 2010

The easter bunny didn't come my way....

Skirt/Cardigan-Thrifted // Shirt-F21 // Shoes-Keds

Hello all! For those of you who celebrate it, I hope you had a great Easter day. And for those of you don't, I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. I went to a sunrise service on the beack, and this wasn't the greatest outfit to wear, considering we had to sit down.... and I didn't have a chair. My mom let me sit on her jacket though, so it was all good.

Then I went to my relatives and had a nice dinner, and I drove a stick-shift home. That's right a stick-shift. On a major road. It made me nervous, and I did good on the way to my relatives house, but driving back home made me want to have a mental break down, because I ran a red light, and I was on roads that were 50 miles an hour, but I was going so slow. Like, I'd stop at a red light, put it into first gear, and then I'd start up again only going like, 10 miles, and needing to go up to 50. Yeah, wasn't that easy for me.

Anyways, in honor of Easter today, I decided to jump like a bunny for ya'll. 
So, for your viewing pleasure;


Anonymous said...

pretty skirt & great photo!!

Becca Joy said...

I like those floral shorts, and happy (now belated) easter to you too!

Rose said...

great skirt!