Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The birds and the bees

Shirt-Local thrift shop :: Shoes-Minnetonka :: Jeans-thrifted Bullhead :: Necklace-Hi Ho Silver Co.

When I saw this shirt, I saw the pretty orange pastel color. 
Check one
Then I saw that it was striped.
 Check two
And then I saw that it was baggy
Check three, time to snatch that baby up!

It makes me feel like a little kid when I wear it :)
It's yet another find from my thrifting adventure.

Here's me playing with makeup again. This isn't my favorite eyeliner, because it smudges and comes off. I want to get a felt tip liner in brown, because it's easier to use than liquid eyeliner with a brush. Oh well, we'll see what I can get the next time I go shopping.


Elizabeth said...

that shirt looks great!

Catherine said...

Oh, it's lovely! Something I'd totally wear all summer if I had it.