Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wonderful Wardrobes: Edition IX

1. Days 20thand 21st  by DearBeatrice
She's doing this really cool thing, "dressember". And I have to give her points for sticking to it, because I know that I wouldn't want to  wear a dress every day of December, my legs would freeze! The color of her tights is a beautiful deep rich red, and I now have an eye out looking for a pair like that.
 2. Robes and Furred Gowns Hide All by The Clothes Horse
 Okay, seriously, how awesome is that cardigan?! Just thinking about having a cardigan like that makes me happy. It would make so many outfits look cooler. Gahhhh, you have no idea.
3. A Partridge in a Pear Tree by Jess Loves Fred
 When I saw this red dress, I instantly regretted not buying a dress the same color at a thrift store the other day. That dress didn't have pleats, like this one, so it wasn't as awesome, but red is such a vibrant, beautiful color to have a dress be. And seriously, with the coat-sequin thing? B-e-a-utiful.
4. The Winner is by Hand it over
 I reallly like double breasted things. Preferably in navy, soooo, obviously, I like her coat. Her shorts are super fun, kind of like a navajo print, looks like they'd be fun to wear. And lovee her lace shirt.
5. Hallelujah by The Stylish Wanderer
Gosh, I just seriously love the color combination here. I would never have thought to pair the two. Color wise or style wise. I mean, the jacket seems way too casual for the dress, but together they create a unique look. I also like the stiffness of the dress, if that makes sense.
This is her childhood coat. Like, seriously? I can't imagine how big it was on her when she was a child. Her dress, the skirt of it is a beautiful dark red velvet. Mhhh, it's beautiful paired with the lace of the top.

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You've been posting some lovely inspirational outfits, girly!

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