Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wonderful Wardrobes: Edition X

1. Red Red by Hand it Over
I'm really lusting for a cream cardigan to pair with my dresses right now. White is too bright and black is too dark. I've also just been attracted to bold colors lately. Like dark reds, dark purples and dark green, and this dress is a nice red.
2.All Wrapped Up by Myraid.of.Mischief.
I would absolutely never think of pairing a leopard print with red, never in my wildest dreams, but it looks absolutely stunning here. I just think she's beautiful in general too. I'm not creeping or anything.
 3 A Forest by The Stylish Heart
I think the white on white is what drew me  to this look at first. I like the pop of color the green cardigan brings to the outfit also.
4.Christmas-y by Dear Fish 
Oh manomanoman. Loved this skirt the minute I saw it. And a tiger belt? Oh yesss.
5.Bananagrams by The Stylish Wanderer
I really liked the pastel color combo of the jacket. The brown looks really nice with it too, as opposed to a jean.
6. Little Birds by Orchid Grey
Grandpa cardigan! If I saw this color cardigan, I would definitely have a hard time imagining how to style it, she does a great job though. I would never have thought to put blue with it!

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Anonymous said...

This is fabulous-overload if I've ever seen it. So much style... love #4.

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