Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tap a-tap tap

 My wonderful boyfriend took me to the international mall yesterday, which has an Urban Outfitters in it. Andddd that's where I spent most of my time for the day, which he wasn't too happy about, but oh well:) I got this shirt, this cardigan, a skirt, and black flats. My boyfriend and I also saw a ginger family. It was a trifecta of beautiful-ness. Ginger mommy, ginger daddy and ginger baby. I almost exploded from my excitement! Basically, we creeped on them for the rest of the time we were in the mall, haha.
 I brought the new year in with good friends, good food, and a free guitar. Some people on this world are so nice. I am so thankful for the things and people in my life.
 I love the look of vintage Dooney and Bourke, and this may be a knock off, but it's still good enough for me, haha :)
 My shoes also came in the mail. BEAUTIFUL.
 Ergggg, there used to be a really awesome pinecone in that necklace, but it fell out today while I was at Barnes&Noble. I bought a really nice leather journal while I was there, though. I resolve to make an entry in it every day. One of my many resolutions....
Shirt- BGD (Urban Outfitters)
Cardigan- Silence + Noise (Urban Outfitters)
Purse-Salvation Army

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