Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paisley like whaaa

 I'm really liking the color of this shirt. In fact, I like it as much as I used to like the shirt below. Although, I've come to not like that shirt as much as I used to...
 I went out on a friend date with my boyfriend's best friend today at Hooters. Heyheyhey, we only went there because he had a $25 gift certificate. And for your information, I prefer Wing house over Hooters. It's just the atmosphere I guess. Anyways, I got snow crab legs. Delishhhhh.
 Auditions for my school's musical, Aida, are coming up soon. I have to have a one minute monolouge and sing 16 bars of a song. Aida is kinda like a rock opera, and I don't really know that my voice is capable of handling that, but I figure I'll still try, ya know?
 Also, induction stuff for the International Thespian Society is nearing closer. For any of you long time readers, you'll know that I got inducted into the ITS last year, and had to go through hell week. Now I get to do that to someone this year :)
Shirt-Salvation Army

Hope ya'll are having a good week :)

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