Sunday, June 13, 2010

All dressed up

Earrings-Local thrift store
Cardigan-Salvation Army
Romper-Local thrift store
Belt-Local thrift store
Shoes-Charolette Russe

I wore this to to my boyfriend's dance recital on Friday. It was a good show. The little kids dances were a little painful to watch, because they have short attention spans, and that resulted in them forgetting the choreography The pieces my boy were in were good though.

So, yesterday was my birthday.
16 years old!!!!!!
I started off the day by working at my parent's cafe, made some nice money in tips, then I went home and cleaned my house to prepare for my boyfriend to come over to my house for the first time.Yeah, our 2 months is tomorrow, and he just came over to my house for the first time yesterday. That's only because I wasn't going to let him come over until my house was clean. I didn't want his first impression of my house to be dirty.
So, he came over, I showed him around, and he gave me my birthday present. It was a capo and some wayfarers. I had told him that I wanted Raybans, but didn't want him to get them for me, because they're so expensive! So he got me some knockoffs in my favorite color, purple. So sweet:)

Today, I'm going to Pico Rojo to eat, and I'm bringing along A. Afterwards, we're going to Ikea (My mom, sister, A and I) to look around at stuff to possibly buy for the cafe. After that, we're going to Peltz shoes, where I'm hoping to find some summer shoes and we're ending the adventure with a visit to Sam Ash to look at a guitar I want to get for my birthday. My grandma also wants to do a litttle birthday dinner deal too.

Today is going to be awesomeeee!


Mikhaila said...

Happy Birthday!! 16?? You seem so much older (I mean that in a good way!!) Anywho-adorable romper, I looove the print! I'm obsessed with feathers so of course I love your earrings too. :)

DustInMyWind said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I love your romper! It's so cute! Where did you get your bag?

rachel said...

and you're beautiful :D
I love the outfit and everything :-)
and sounds like a lovely day!
much much love
and lovely blog

Katie said...

happy birthday! pretty gold earrings!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday! The little romper is so cute!

APieceOfCrap said...

Thank you! it's a playsuit from H&M. :)

have a nice day!

Gillian said...

I love your earrings, they're so pretty.
Happy birthday! Hope you had a great time on your adventure :)