Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fly away

Shirt-Charolette Russe
Belt-Sheriff's Youth Ranch
Skirt-Salvation Army
Shoes-Charolette Russe

Look at this cute belt! My mom said she had one back in the day. Actually, she usually says that about most things I buy from the thrift shop. She's gotten rid of it all though.....

I've been looking for a belt that hooks like this, and when I found this one, I was happy. I want to find one that has leaves on it, in all gold. Oh, and also, a while back, while I was in Forever21, I saw a really cool belt that was two white elephants and it hooked. I think it would be pretty cool to find one like that too.

So, this morning, I went to my boyfriend's (A) brother's (E) fifth grade graduation. It was so cuteee. Then afterwards we went to The Wing house, which was E's idea. Yeahhh, lol.

Tomorrow, I have to go and sing at the graduation ceremony for my highschool, then afterwards... I don't know. I might go tp A's house but before that, hopefully I'll clean the house up a tad.

Hope ya'll are having a great day!


Mikhaila said...

haha my mom says the same thing to me whenever I bring home a new vintage piece. And then I yell at her for getting rid of all her stuff! ;)

heleen said...

Ahh, what's up with parents throwing away all their old clothes? Thank god my dad still has a fairly large collection of vintage shirts for me to enjoy! You look wonderful by the way, good luck with the singing performance! xo

Helen said...

i love that photo of you jumping!