Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dress(worn as shirt)- Local Thrift Store
Belt-Sheriff's Youth Ranch
Skirt-Salvation Army
Shoes-Charolette Russe

Monday, I had a gig at my cafe, and I think I did pretty good. My mom told me I was the best out of the three acts. My set consisted of four originals and one cover song. I got good feedback, and I think I might start taking myself seriously as an artist.

Anywhoooo, I finally went to this one shop called Birdy's Costal Cottage yesterday, and I'm happy I did. They had a great selection of vintage rings and necklaces there. That's where I picked up that ring and the necklace with the ball in it. And for $10. They also had vintage compacts, which was purty coool also.

Today, I begin my adventure in summer driver's ed, and at the end of this journey, I shall obtain my license.


Mikhaila said...

Isn't shopping for vintage things the best??

mademoiselle g said...

So pretty and really nice style!!

Like your blog!