Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back then...

Shirt/Skirt(worn as dress)/Belt/Leaf necklace- Thrifted :: Shoes-Charlotte Russe :: Hamsa Hand necklace- Kohl's

When I bought this top, it also came with matching shorts, butttt, seeing that I'm not all that much into wearing matching tops and bottoms, I opted for this outfit instead. And plus, the shorts are too small for me anyways.

Loooook! I got new shoes! I am suuuuuuuuper obsessed with getting new shoes lately. I almost got my perfect pairs of oxfords the other day, they were on sale for $40 or $30. They had them in black, and I was so excited. They didn't have them in my size though, and they were on sale, so they wouldn't be getting them in my size :(

And if I ever find any boots like this while thrifting that fit me, I think I just might die. Right on the spot.

I couldn't get pictures on this blog, but, I was looking around and found some shoes that I liked.
I like these flats, because they're not just simple black flats and these white flats, because peeptoes are cool, and I want some white flats. These seem like some good shoes to have also. I want to get shoes like this and this and this, I'm just afraid that I won't have anything to wear them with...

Now for shoes from Forever21. I like these, but then again, who doesn't right now? I really like basically everything about these shoes and these shoes. And of course, simple flats again.

Hopfully I'll be able to get the shoes I want soon!


Damsels said...

i love all your new shoes .. i havent had money to go shoe shopping in a while :( by while i man two weeks ;)

love all the lose detail shots

syd vicious said...

Love this outfit, especially the floral!

shoeless simone said...

I love the florals. And the leaf necklace, amazing!

-Shoeless Simone

Rosie said...

Those are great shoes, keep looking you'll find a pair. I see them all the time!

Tayler said...

LOVE the blue ones!!

APieceOfCrap said...

nice shoes!!

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