Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wonderful Wardrobes: Edition XI

1. Burnt by Hand it Over 
The skimpy little dress could be totally whoreish, but it's not. It looks really nice with the oversized cardigan. I like that she belted it too.
2. Dear 2011 by A Little Brighter
The collar is what grabbed my attention. So dramatic.
3. Calendrier 2011 by Idee Geniale
I love the scarf with the white dress. Brings so much life to the outfit!
4. New Year's Nonsense by Myraid.of.Mischief
Uhmmmm, what is there to mot love about this outfit? Fur collar, floral dress, and awesome shoes.
5. Gris Et Marron by Orchid Grey
I really enhoyed her print on her sweater. It has sheep on it!
6. Forest Green and Denim Jeans by The Stylish Heart
I'm really enhoying this pairing of this color green and orange

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