Monday, September 7, 2009

Most Adventerous

On Saturday, I made my way over to the new thrift shop that opened up near my house..
Before hand though, my sister and I walked over to my friend's house to see if she wanted to go with us. She didn't end up coming with us though.
I was going to wear this on the walk over to my friend's house, but my sister reminded me that it was hot outside. I guess I'm just dreaming of cooler weather already.

Shirt-F21 Shorts-Bullhead Shoes-Keds Bracelets-Random

So, here are two of my purchases from the thrift shop.
I like finding vests at thrift shops or Goodwills. They always have some interesting ones there. I usually have to take them in a tad, but that's okay. Speaking of which, I need my mom to get me some more black thread, because I'm running out.
Then I also got this dress. I cut it, so now it's above my knee's.
You can also see in the picture above this one that I have a necklace on, I also got that at the thrift store. It's a good place to shop.

I also got a blazer, but I'm saving that for another post:)


monkeytoes said...

lucky you!!! that is a hot piece of vest!!! so vintage.. s is the floral dress!!! so hot :D

E said...

That dress is GORGEOUS! What an amazing find. I love finding gems at thrift stores!

St├ęphanie said...

You are very pretty !

SkinnyBitch said...

You remind me of someone...Kristen Stewart, maybe?

Adorable thriftings =]