Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My life

I won't have any time to do any posts or reply to comments as of late.
My AP class is kicking my butt, and I have play rehearsal for the Tempest every day until four.
Hopefully I'll get back into having a life soon...


Yuka said...

im sorry :(

i hope school gets a little easier as time comes.

Catherine said...

I feel your pain... I'm loaded with tons of homework from all of my classes in addition to work and trying to stay sane. It's a lot to handle!

syd vicious said...

I know how that is! Good luck with your classes.

Amelia said...

I hope your AP class goes well. Having a life is always good :)

Coco Moreno said...

School blows!
But good luck and don't overwork yourself!