Thursday, January 7, 2010


I got tagged! This is basically my first tag, so, let's see how well I do. Well, first off, I was tagged by Onic. What I have to do is mention seven facts about ourselves. But I'd rather mention 7 of my favorite outfits/ things. It'll be a mixture of both. Ok, so, here we go

1. My favorite floral pattern I've ever found

2. My favorite vest

3.My favorite outfit

4. My favorite skirt

 5. Another one of my favorite outfits

6. My favorite shoes

7. My favorite (and only) embroidered shirt

And now I'm tagging:
Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky
Chloe from Loads of Fashion
Becca Joy from The Red Magnolia
Isabel from Hipster Musings

All you guys have to do is list 7 things. For example, your 7 favorite things, 7 of your ex boyfriends, 7 of your favorite ice creams, your 7 favorite pairs of shoes. The possibilities are endlessss! Then you tag seven people.


Tayler said...

this is great, thanks for tagging, ill do it soon <3

jessica wu said...

adore your oxfords, and the slingbacks!