Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ya know, back in the 80's....

Blazer/shoes/jeans-Thrifted Shirt/undershirt-F21

I just went thrifting for a "Goodwill Ball" I went to on Monday, and I went to a new thrifting place, the "Sheriff's Youth Ranch". Now, I had heard from one of my friend's that this was a good place for shoes, and she was completelyyyyyy correct. They had a whole lotta shoes, and I liked most of them. Curse my big feet for not letting me fit into most of them!

Anyways, the toe is a tad bit more squared than I what I like, but it will do for now.
This blazer that I wore has been dormant in my closet for a while, so, I decided to take it out and wear it today. I like how it has a double-laple deal. It makes it interesting.

Jumpsuit/Jacket/Scarf-Thrifted Shoes-Keds Sunglasses-F21 Headband-Mom's
Anyways, here's what I wore to the Goodwill ball. I'm actually seriously considering wearing this jacket out places, and I'm also seriously considering buying more. Ya know, maybe start up a collection. It's just, whenever I see these types of jackets in thrift stores, they usually look sooo cool. I definitely know my friend's would make fun of me for wearing a jacket like this, but hey, if I feel good in it, then I'll be fine.

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Strachajło said...

I am not surprised that a good feel for it (I'm talking about styling 2), and I like it: D I love fun fashion:>