Sunday, October 17, 2010


 The first half of my Saturday, my friend L and I did a ukulele photo shoot. It was fun... And it was the first time I attempted doing a photo shoot of some kind. I wouldn't mind it if I got to do more...

Before the impromptu photoshoot though, L and I went to the Salvation Army to look for decades day outfits! Yayyy!
 I really wanted this dress to fit me so I could wear it to homecoming... I just really don't like the shin crap they sell at Dillard's and whatnot for homecoming. Most of the dresses are satin-y and have loads of jewels on them. Not my style fersure.
     Anyways, A convinced me to go to homecoming this year... It's not really my scene, but, we'll see how it goes... I still need to get a dress. Meh...

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