Friday, June 26, 2009

Jewelry post.

So, I know a lot of bloggers have been doing a "what's in my bag" post, but I don't really carry around a bag. And if I do, it just has my camera, cell phone and wallet in it. Sooo, I've decided to show you how I organize my jewelry and some closeups of my jewelry. I guess this makes this post a "What's in my jewelry box" post. Except I don't have a jewelry box..... Oh well.

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Well, first off, this is the whole of my "jewelry box." The original jewelry box I had was much too small to hold all of this, so I had to hang some of my necklaces on the knobs of my dresser. I didn't like the way that looked, so I disassembled my jewelry box, and hung everything up here.

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Left to right:
Feather necklace:F21, Peacock necklace:F21, Heart necklace:Gift, Owl Necklace:F21, Houndstooth necklace:F21, Gold Chain:Thrifted, Leaf Necklace:F21, Heart Necklace:DIY, Celtic Necklace:Gift, Peacock Necklace:F21, Sun Necklace:DIY

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Hummingbird necklace:F21, Peace sign Necklace:Universal Studios
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Gold Chain:Thrifted, Cross:Gift from Church, Heart Necklace:Gift, White twig-like necklce:F21
In the top middle of this picture, you can catch a glimpse of my makeshift ring holder. I took a toilet paper roll, cut it down the middle, rolled it up tight and taped it together to make the ring holder part. Then I took two paper clips and made a cross, then taped them to the base, and viola! A ring holder. The gold ring on there is thrifted and the silver ring (It's hard to see) is from a Highland Games.
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I might be getting rid of this one. The chain is kind of short for my taste. But, then again, I could just put it on a longer chain...
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Haven't worn this in forever. Don't know if I should keep it...
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Haven't worn this in forever either. I bought it to go woth a shirt that doesn't fit me anymore.
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I went through a feather/ peacock feather stage.
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Peace Sign:Friend's, Opal:Gift, Fake Pearls:Icing, Fake diamond:Stolen from Sister, Celtic knot:Highland Games, Gold leaf:Thrifted
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When I saw the tooth like thing and the floral heart, I was sold.
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Mostly everything is from Claire's or Icing
I'm not that much of an earring person, But here's my collection of earrings.

Everything on that board except for the drawings on that paper plates were drawn by me in middle school.

P.S. How do you do scheduled posts?


Malena said...

i like all your jewelry, especially the ones with peacock feathers
um.. scheduled posts. i think you put the date and time you want it to post in the published time at the bottom? i've done it before, but not in a while

Beth said...

Love this post!
All your jewellery is lovely but my favourite have to be the peacock feather necklace and the simple pearl necklace.
Beth x

Yuka said...

aww adorable paper plates for earring holders. really cute.

Amelia said...

Cool post! You have a lot of great jewelry. I'm really bad about wearing jewelry, but I'm trying to increase my collection so that I have stuff I actually want to wear.

To do a scheduled post: when you make the post, go to "post options" at the bottom and instead of entering the current time and date, enter the time and date that you want it to be published. Then click "publish post" and blogger will publish it at the time you set instead of immediately. It seems kind of stupid that they don't make it more obvious--it's hard to figure out.

Annie Spandex said...

Nice pieces! I haven't done one of the those what's in the bag posts either, mostly because I have a bunch of receipts and tampons and gum wrappers in mine, lol...

yiqin; said...

The feather one is to die for!

clairegrenade said...

such a whimsical collection!

trés cool!

Miranda said...

i love the wear you organize your jewelry
esp the plate for earrings hahah

ONiC said...

i love how you organize them.

shopgirl28 said...

Nice collection. I went through a peacock phase as well. I have earrings in it. Your earring holder is awesome.

Daisy said...

You have a fantastic collection!!

maverickandlove said...

hahaha i love the ring holder and the paper plate with the earings!!! so creative! p.s. it should say schedule post under the part where you write your entry!

Isabel said...

Yeah, I totally don't carry much in my bag either! The necklaces here are really cool.

E said...

To do a scheduled post, just go to "Post Options" and change the time to whenever you want it to post - though I find Blogger's timing is screwy. I love your jewelry collection. You have so many interesting pieces!

Wanderlusting said...

Great idea - I really need to organize my crap. I have waaaaaay too much jewelry!

x0x0 Lusty

Atenea said...

:o I have envy! :)
U have a lot of pretty necklaces.
I know an artist who drawing in paper plates hehe
kisses from spain

Clara said...

great blog! ^^


Holly said...

I love feathered necklaces :)

Holly x

lotte. said...

I love your necklaces, and you display them in such a cool way!

Jessica said...

i love love love your necklaces collection! love the peacock one, and the leaves thingy and oh i can't decide =)