Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just giving you something to look at.

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I bought this cardigan forever ago, I liked it because of the stripes on the arm. Kinda reminded me of those cardigans school kids wore in the olden day movies.

So, today I:
Went to band practice
Found my camera
hung out at the beach
worked on my tan (because according to my friends, I'm WHITE).
Came back to my house and swam

I might be going to a chinese restaurant later. Never been to one before. Should be interestinggg.


Damsels said...

its avery greatr cardigan

a necessary basic

Charmaine said...

wow so busy! what a fun summer day!

Yulia Rahmawati said...

u are in the band???

and thx for following....
nice to know u sista

LLaura said...

U have really nice style:) Great outfits!

Megan said...

great cardigan.
never been out to chinese??
Crab Ragoon is pretty delicious.

smartscruffyfashion said...

Love this outfit, very casual yet pretty. x

Lauren x