Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lazy-ing around (part 2)

So, obviously, I took lots of pictures of Windy Gap. I only posted maybe 1/16th of them yesterday. If I put them all on here, there'd definitely be a picture overload.
I'll just post a few more though, so, here's some more pictures from the best week of my life:Just hanging around, waiting in line for stuff.Making bandana/hemp bracelets.
My friends are cool.
Rock climbing. I made it to the top. :D

We got to make our own shirts for some games.
These were the girls I roomed with.
Awesome little bridge thing.


Hadley said...

awww this looks like so much fun!

syd vicious said...

Ooh rock walls are awesome. Camps are fun! I've only been to one though.

Meg and Komie said...

Awwww the good ol days when we could enjoy a relaxing, lazy summer day at fun! Thanks for sharing, hope you had a fun time.