Friday, July 24, 2009

A pirates life for me

Shirt-F21 Undershirt-Charolette Russe Shorts-Hollister

This shirt reminds me of a pirate. I usually don't wear it a whole lot, because it rides up and whatnot. But I decided to incorporate it into my outfit today. Usually I wear a black vest with it, but I was going to go to RCS like I mentioned in yesterday's post, and didn't find the vest appropriate for the working enviorment.

Shoes-Vans Anklet-DIY
Necklace-Hi Ho Silver Co.
Purple bracelet-Gift from Costa Rica Brown bracelet-Found in my house Hemp bracelet-DIY
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Ring-Hi Ho Silver Co.
Every DIY bracelet or anklet was made at the camp I went to.

So, my school starts in 4 weeks! I still have to finish my summer reading and the questions that go with it. Which I really have... three weeks to do, because I go to Belize for a week. I hope I get it done. Otherwise I'll be stressed.
And I don't like being stressed.

Anyways, hopefully my mom will take me school shopping. I want to get
.a pair of black jeans
.a pair of white jeans
.a button up shirt
.dressy sandals
.new moccasins
.slouchy shirts

Hopefully I'll find those things!

I'm sending out my love to all of my lovely readers out there. And all of my followers. Thanks for staying with me even though I've had a slow down in posts lately due to camp and lack of inspiration. Thanks for the comments, I love reading them!


Amelia said...

I love you're bracelets--they're so unique! Lovely outfit. I can't believe school starts so soon for you. I'm really glad my university doesn't start until the end of September...

ONiC said...

Danie, you look more beautiful than ever. i love the DIY anklet :]

Catherine said...

Oooh, I love your bracelets! And to be honest, I'm dreading everything about going back to school - shopping included. I never find the pieces that are quite right :/