Sunday, December 20, 2009

How cute, It's kid sized!

Skirt(worn as dress), Belt, Necklace-Thrifted Cardigan-F21 Shoes-Minnetionka Moccasins

Got this skirt thrifting on Friday. I also got two dresses, a vest, a romper and a cardigan. I will be wearing the soon, so pictures should be up.

I also got a spiderman lunchbox for a white elephant thing I'm going to. I'm gonna put some food in it and a note that says "Have a good day at school, love mom." Andddddd, it's gonna be pretty awesome. My sister got a kid motorcycle/bike thing, which is gonna be sooo funny when someone opens it. Well, I'm off to go..... do nothing now. Oh, the joys of Christmas break :)


Luna Supernova said...

haha i love the lunchbox idea. cute.

Camilla said...

Cute blog!