Sunday, December 13, 2009

My goodness

Shirt-F21 Scarf-Thrifted Sweater Vest-F21 Jeans-Volcom Shoes-TOMS Belt-Thrifted
Where have I been?!
I have not been very inspired, broke, and stressed out lately.
That resulted in my dressing for comfort and not doing posts.
Then my boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend, and I broke up again.

Yeah, I've been kinda "ehhh" lately.

I did go to districts yesterday though, which was fun. I did an ensemble piece called The Audition by Matt Thompson. My group got an excellent on it.

I've also been flooded with holiday performances with my singing and dancing group.

I'm just overall tired.

But I missed blogging, so I decided to squeeze this post in.


alissa said...

i hope you feel better and more energetic soon! i love the scarf you're wearing...oh, and i hope you start feeling really christmassy soon also!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i really like your patterned scarf!