Monday, March 8, 2010


Shirt/Undershirt-F21 // Skirt/Belt/Purse-Thrifted // Cardigan-Dillards // Shoes/Tights-?

One year guys. I've been doing this for one year, can you believe it? Here's the secon outfit I ever posted on this blog. I was going through all of my outfit pictures, and it made me realize that I wish that I didn't give away some of the clothes that I did.

Like this sweater

Or this shirt

My style has evolved soooo much though. I love vintage stuff now. I also remember that when I first got that sweater, I didn't have enough balls to wear it, but now I wish I had it, because it looks pretty awesome. Oh well.

Oh, hey, my parents opened up their restaurant this weekend. Serendipity Cafe. It's a dedicated gluten free cafe with a bakery and everything. If you don't know what gluten free means, look it up. haha.

I'll try to do a post celebrating my blogiversary soon, once I fine the time. It takes a lotttt of time to run a restaurant.

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Leproust Vintage said...

Happy blogiversary! :)

I love the colors in this pretty!