Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boom bam boooo

Cardigan/Scarf-Thrifted Jeans-Victoria's Secret Shirt-F21 Boots-Charolette Russe

Hello all.
Now, I've got to tell ya'll, I'm not a very creative winter dresser. I don't have any wool tights, a nice coat or many fashionable outerwear things for that matter. So, when ot comes to wintre wear, I'm kind of in a rut. Whenever it's nice enough outside, I can layer cardigans and be fine. Maybe even wear a skirt with tights. When it gets too cold though, it's like it turns the lasy switch on in my head. Do any of you have this problem?

Also, how do you put videos in posts?


La Fée said...

lovely outfit, I adore the scarf!

Helen said...

you should definitely invest in some different coloured tights! black and red are my faves, they brighten up winter outfits :) i prefer dressing for hotter weather too though

Fashion Chalet said...

Awesome blog and style.

Dropping by for the first time to say hi. :)

I have some boots like yours, so fun to wear.


Strachajło said...

i love that :DD
U have nice image ;>

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

I really like your looks!
nice blog!