Friday, July 30, 2010

Russian Goodness

Shirt-Local thrift store
Shorts-Local thrift store

I wore this sometime last week... Never got around to posting it. That seems to be happening a lot now a days...

Anyways, this shirt used to be long sleeved, but I didn't like it that way, so, off the came! I like it much better now. And matroshka dolls! I love those things! I have one in my house.

So, I'm leaving tomorrow at 10 for a week long camp, I have a post scheduled for Wednesday, so watch out for it! Oh, and when I get back, won't be posting pictures from the camp, seeing that my portable camera is broken. I mean, unless someone else takes pictures...

I made a little diary for my boy, since we can't use any electronics up there, I'll be writing about my experience and how much I miss him in the journal, and then give it to him when I get back. He's gonn love it sooooo much!

And  I convinced my friends to write in it, sooo, basically, it's going to be the most awesome gift he's recieved. Ever.

1 comment:

jay said...

Awee, cute! I'm doing a similar sort of thing for my boy, except it's just a bunch of paper scraps with letters written on them, just kind of rambling.
Cute song, by the way!