Friday, August 27, 2010


Everything from a local thrift store

I wore this outfit last Friday, when I had my show. Which went good by the way if I didn't already tell you. I finally got some decent high waist denim shorts, but I can't wear them to school because they'd be breaking dress code.

So, an Urban Outfitters has recently been added to a mall in my area, and I'm obsessed. It's expensive, but I love their shoes. And one of my friend get this super awesome shirt there that just made me go "ahhhhhh". So, I want to stop going thrifting and save up to buy something from there. 

My mom's also getting me this backpack. :D

Ahhhhh!! I want to get a job so I can get things!
From Urban outfitters!


DustInMyWind said...

I love your shorts and shoes! It sucks that the shorts break dress code. Maybe it'd be acceptable to wear them with tights underneath in winter?

That backpack is amazing! So jealous that you're getting it!

Maybe you can get a job at Urban Outfitters. That way you'll be earning money and getting an employee discount.

shoeless simone said...

Great shorts!
You should try applying to urban!

-Shoeless Simone