Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wonderful Wardrobes: Edition II

1. It's cold in the shade. Let's move to the sun from Bees with Feathers
The fact that these stripes are doubled up makes it look more interesting, and I like that.

2.  First day of the Rest of my Life From Bad Penny
 Anything this girl wears, I basically love. I don't know what it is, but I just like whatever she wears. The sweater is cute, and  I loveee her bangs.

3.  the feeling is neutral by This Time Tomorrow
Mhhhh, cute ballerina-esque skirt. And the cream with the pink. The patterns on the shirt and jacket are cool also.

4. Trees by The Stylish Wanderer
The Details on the cardigan are so cute and delicate. And black high waist shorts, mhh:)

5. You, soft and only, you lost and lonely by Sally Jane Vintage
These shoes are exactly what I want! And the polka dot dress is so cute!
6. Chictopia Giveaway by Another Day to Dress Up
She's one of my favorite bloggers, just like Bad Penny, anything she wears looks great on her. This blue pleated skirt is so bold and crisp. And the shirt is cute with it's multi colored polka dots.

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Ali said...

great choices! the first one is lovely, I shall have to check out her blog now. and the stylish wanderer's photography is always excellent.