Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wonderful Wardrobes: Edition III

1. Sea Glass by Stylish Wanderer
I'm a sucker for pastels, and this color is absolutely beautifullll. I'm jealous too, because she pulls off these trousers so well, and I can't seem to find a pair that I'm comfortable in...

2. Visions of Paradise by Shoeless Simone.
I thought that the print of this skirt was super cute, and I liked that she wore it with a pink crop top. I would've paired it with something blue or green, it still looks good though. I'm also appreciating the boots.

3. Queen of Bees by Orchid Grey
She pulls of this turban soo well. The color of it is absolutely gorgeous also. The background of her pictures is cool too, and who doesn't like a floral dress?

4. seeing spots by This Time Tomorrow
I would have never thought  to pair a brown cardigan with a black skirt, but it looks nice.

5. Stuff and Things by Another Day to Dress Up
Here's one of my favorite bloggers again. She'll probably have a picture in every one of my Wonderful Wardrobes. I personally like making skirts into dresses, which is what she did here I believe. And tying the shirt, how cute!

6. round and round, merry-go-round by The Stylish Heart
Lovelovelovee the color paletteof this outfit. The not-so-tight polka dot dress is sweet. And the boots and equally not-so-tight cardigan, bahhhh, I like.

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