Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Like a dying cat

Shoes-Charlotte Russe
Today in school, I finally got to practice my part in the play, The Royal Duchess Olga Katrina. I feel like I did pretty darn good. It's lots of fun doing a Russian accent, and I'm super excited about doing this part now.

I'm trying my best to not get overwhelmed with school work, and so far it's working. I went to Charelston, South Carolina this past weekend, for a pipe band competition. While there, my mom and I ventured downtown, and there was an Urban Outfitters. Then farther down the street, an American Apparel and a Steve Madden!! I was about ready to pack up all my stuff and move up to Charelston. 

The Urban Outfitters there was awesome though, because the secod floor was all sales, so it made my shopping much easier, haha. I'm still saving up for my shopping spree there. I'll go when I have $500.

I'm on a life high at the moment, I'm just looking at everything with love instead of getting stressed out about things. For example, instead of thinking "mannn, it's a big bummer that I can't shop at Urban Outfitters" and being so sad I can't afford their stuff, I think "Urban Outfitters is so awesome, I love their clothes" and I get excited about shopping there. But I just view things more positively now and my outlook on life has changed. It's pretty nice:)

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