Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wonderful Wardrobes: Edition V

1. In the Light by Shoeless Simone
This girl's one of my favorite young bloggers. I really like her crop lace skirt, and my favorite color's purple, so naturally I like the skirt. The cut outs on her boots are supa rad too.

2. White Feathers by Orchid Grey
Mhhhhh, nice lace dress:) I want to get shoes like that also, haven't found the right pair yet though...

3. Wonder bread by Heart City Vintage
This girl's another one of my favorite bloggers. Something about the cream with the white with the blue polka dots just looks cool to me. And her shoes are flipping awesome also

4. red and pink? by The Stylish Heart
I think in my last two Wonderful Wardrobes, I've had this girl wearing this cardigan, haha. I really want a red comfy cardigan.

5. out of the ordinary by Going West
I really like the vertical stripes on the top. And I've recently decided to add forest green to my list of favored colors, and seeing this skirt just refueled my liking for it.

6. Madder Red by Welcome to the Doll House
I LOVE THAT BELT! I believe she got it from Urban Outfitters too. Figures....

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