Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dug it up

(this is a look of pure horror because I was afraid that a squirrel would attack me...)
Yayyyy unsuccessful jumping picture!

Cardigan-Local thrift shop
Dress-Local thrift shop
Belt-Salvation Army
Shoes-Charolette Russe

Believe it or not, I was about to get rid of this dress, glad I didn't though, because I rekindled my like for it. And Target, besttttttt place to find tights. Hands down. I'm never dissapointed when I go to Target. Well, except for the last time I went and they didn't have any of the shoes in the store that they did online. I wanna stock up on oxfords! Christmas is around the corner though :)

So, the day I wore this outfit, the yearbook was going around taking pictures, and one of my friends asked me if she could take my picture for the fashion page! I was pretty estatic. I also got my picture taken with A for the couples page. Soooo, yeah, I'm gonna be in the yearbook this year for once.

Tomorrow, my school's musical theatre program is doing a show with a bunch of different musical pieces. I'm doing Never Never Land from Peter Pan, and we had t ocostume ourselves, and I feel pretty good about the outfit I came up with. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of it.

Anddddd, I hope you all are having a good week:)


Fashion Fabrice said...

great outfit! love your tights!
Im so happy i ran into your blog! I love it! It's a great read! You have such great posts and your style is lovely!

Hope you visit and (if you like) follow me!
lots of love,

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you kept the dress too, its lovely! thats really great about being in your year books fashion section!! :)

thingsIlove said...

Cute outfit :)

Becca Joy said...

That's so awesome that you get to be on the fashion page! That dress is really adorable :)

Chandra/ Modern Day Charm said...

I love the floral and lace tights!