Sunday, May 10, 2009


I went to Jacksonville this weekend and saw Wicked.
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I wore this blazer
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with this shirt
with these shoes
and some jeans.

My camera has no battery, So I can't take pictures.
The trackball fell out of my blackberry, so it's hard to take pictures.
Probably not a lot of outfit pictures in the near future.

I did get to go to the Salvation Army on... Thursday... I think. My mom gave me 30 minutes to find stuff to wear to the play. Needless to say, I was freaking out because I wanted to look at so much stuff in such a small amount of time, but all I could think was "when's she gonna get here?" All I ended up getting was a ring and a necklace. I was going to get a pair of shoes, but a boy that came with my mom when she came to pick me up started freaking out saying "Ew, those could have shoe fungus in them!" So, there went getting a pair of shoes.

Anyways, Wicked was a really good play. Everyone could sing AMAZINGLY. Much of a better experience than the play I went to on Thursday at my school. They did 'Once Upon a Mattress". It seems like our school only has one or two broadway-worthy singers.

So, I got one of my AP tests out of the way on Thursday. All I have left is the national test and the final exam. Yay.....


Linnea said...

love the blazer

Hayley said...

I love the blazer, glad you had fun seeing Wicked.
Thank you for my comment by the way.


Eeli said...

So many people are mentioning AP tests! What are these? So glad to hear you went to see Wicked. I am a huge fan of the oZ chorinicles and am itching my way to see this but I'm in another country *sigh*. Lovely outfit too. And I'm pretty sure show fungus is a rarity or at the very least thrift stores wouldn't sell them if they did lol. I believe them to have SOME standards! teehee


Eeli said...

haha by the Oz Chrinicles I meant the sory of Dorothy and Oz (Wizard of Oz) and its sequels lol. Have you seen 'Through the Looking Class', thrilling movie it is.

Anyhoo, hope you're having a fab day hun :)


Gladys Lopez said...

i love the moccasins you wore! what color do you have them in?

Lacy said...

I luv wicked, it is sooo good! and I am so happy that my AP test are over, thank god i only had to take one (AP Lit) because I know some people who took like 3 AP's.