Thursday, October 8, 2009


Sweater-Thrifted Shirt-F21 Jeans-Thrifted Shoes-Keds
This sweater is sooo comfy and cute and definitely keeps me warm and I love it! I love thrifting!
My TOMS also came today! Happy about that. Check out what they're about at They give a pair of shoes to a child in need of them whenever someone buys a pair of their shoes.

My TeenVogue also came, so I'm going to get off and read that.
Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Tomorrow's Fridayy!


Becca Joy said...

Love th pictures, the chair concept is cool. I subscribe to teenvogue too :) sadly though it takes them FOREVER to get to me. Have a great weekend!

Andie said...

oh such a nice oversized sweater, I JUST LOVE THRIFTING!! although its hard to find any around in my area

Anika said...

I love the posing! It's so happy....I'm inspired to take excessively childish shots now :)

Coming to a playpark near you ;)

Isabel said...

Dude, I have that exact same pair of Keds!