Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Glasses-F21 Scarf-Thrifted Cardigan-F21 Shirt-F21 Jeans-Bullhead Shoes-Walmart?

This scarf made me feel so dainty today. I had two people say that they liked my "old lady scarf" today in school. Kind of a back-handed compliment. Haha. But, I'm just glad to finally have scarves in my wardrobe. And this one is so pretty to me.

When I first started this blog, I wasn't very comfortable wearing certain things, especially to school. I would have never imagined wearing a blazer to school, or brouges. I'm definitely feeling a tad bit bolder in my fashion decisions lately though. Also, whenever I enter a thrift store now, I see so much more potential in the clothes. Like, I might see a skirt, and think "Oh, I can hem this up and I'll like it". Or spot a vest, and think "I can just take it in and it will fit me". Learning how to sew has definitely allowed me to choose clothes that I would normally not be able to buy due to size.
I love it!


syd vicious said...

I love the scarf, very pretty! And I know what you mean about being bolder with fashion choices. I feel the same way.

Annie said...

totally feel the same way about thrift shopping since I started my blog! I feel like blogging has opened my eyes to zillions of new ways to look at clothes and see their hidden potential. and reading other blogs to see how other people makes unusual clothes work - I think that's my favorite thing about having a blog.

Style Bird said...

Great cardigan and I love the scarf.

Becca Joy said...

I wish I knew how to hem :) I can only sew simple things! I totally understand what you mean by dressing more bolder, I'm trying to shake things up a bit more with my clothes. I don't think your scarf is 'old lady'! Its just adorable.

Clara said...

great!! i love the scarf!