Monday, October 5, 2009

Stop cutting up grandma's couches!

Vest-Thrifted Shirt-Walmart? Jeans-Pink (given to from cousin) Shoes-Keds
So, here's that vest I showed you in yesterday's post. I just took it in on the sides a tad bit. As you can see, the back of the vest is purple (my favorite color!). Also, the button's were very interesting to me.

I have a thrifting buddy, so to speak, in my seventh period. Her name is KT and she has fire red hair and she's awesome. Her style is different and I love it. When I walked into class today, she was like "That vest!" I just love ending my day with that class:) Just thought I'd share that with you all. Haha.

Anyways, as you can see, I took pictures outside today. I would have to say that it improved the quality of my pictures a little bit, which pleases me. I was getting worried that all of my pictures would have bad quality for the rest of eternity! I've had a bad history with cameras. Well, my mom has had a bad history with cameras. She buys me camera's, and I usually end up not liking them for whatever reason. Usually because the quality of the pictures turns out to be bad.
My next camera purchase will probably be a professional-like camera. Sometime off in the future though.

Ohh, did I tell ya'll that I'm in the school play? It's called "The Tempest". A Shakespearean play. I'm a spirit, and I add character and magic to the play. It's a pretty awesome part, because I wear all black and my character is a puppet. And the ending is sooo powerful. You all have to look it up or go see it.


bryna said...

the title cracked me up!

Catherine said...

Awesome vest! I definitely don't have as much luck as you do when it comes to thrifting :(

And that's awesome about the play! I'd totally try out for one, but I have a bit of stage fright.

E said...

I love the tapestry quality of your vest. Oh and I always enjoy Shakespeare, too. Being in the Tempest sounds like fun!

Laura @ effluvia said...

the pattern of the vest is really cool :)

Mila said...

love the vest!

kirstyb said...

loving the waist coat xxxx