Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good day

Went to Yogurt Mountain with my friends today! Gahh, that place is so magical :) They have an assortment of frozen yogurt. And toppings. I got Vanilla, espresso, cheesecake and pumpkin pie with bananas, blueberries and reeses on it. You pay 45 cents per ounce. I ended up paying like $8 for my yogurt. Whooopss. I have portion control issues...

After that I went to Target with them, and went straight to the CD section. I purchased the Florence and the Machine CD "Lungs". Now, I liked Florence way back before she was on the VMA's or whatever it was. She hooked me "Kiss With a Fist"

The beat is good, And I like the lyrics. And I liked her outfit. And basically her as a person. I'm excited to jam out to her other songs in my car though :)

Oh, and earlier in the day, I went to my salvation army, at like 5, because it usually closes at 7. Perfect, 2 hours to peruse the selection. Except apparently the holiday hours on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are 'till 6! So I grabbed a shirt, a necklace, a purse (Dooney and Bourke vintage-looking knock off all the wayyy) and some mini pine-cone earrings. I took one of the little pine-cones and put it on a necklace chain, and it looks flipping amazing! Except it fell off sometime tonight in my adventures... But I have one more that I can use. Maybe I'll get a picture tomorrow.

Oh! I might be going to my international mall tomorrow! My boyfriend gave me a boyfriend coupon book, I'll have to show you pics of that too (I'm too tired to explain it), there's a coupon in it for a trip to the international mall. He knows there's an urban outfitters there. And he knows I like Urban outfitters. Good boyfriend, I know. And he's going to buy me lunch too. Ohhhh, whatta life:)

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