Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yultide carols

 Soooo, I had a show choir performance right after school today, and then after that, I went to watch my boyfriend's singing group perform. It's called Ambassadors of Sound or something like that. It's pretty good. 4 guys and 5 girls. All high schoolers.
Tomorrow I will be attending the thespian drama one acts. They're basically like short plays, and high schools from all over the area will be participating. It's gonna be lots-o-fun!
Cardigan-Local thrift store
 Scarf-Local Thrift store
 Jeans-Hollister Co.
 Boots-Charolette Russe (last year)

 Hope ya'll are having a good week!


Myriam said...

Love the cardigan. I giggled because it looks like you're crumping in the second photo. Hehe, not sure if that was intentional but I LIKE IT.


Flashes of Style said...

Cute look! I really love your blog <3