Sunday, December 26, 2010


 This was the outfit I wore Christmas eve. I went over to my cousin's house and we put on a little show. The Ding Darling's Debauchery Christmas Eve Extravaganza.... I think is what my Uncle called it. Anywho, I played a couple songs, but the crowd favorite was this one;

I LOVE KT Tunstall!!! Gahh, she is a music mastermind. I wanna write songs like hers, songa you can move around to.

 I didn't get a picture of my christmas outfit, but it involved a new thrifted black and white striped dress and green tights. Oh, and get this, the dress came with a matching cardigan :D 
So anywho's, I absolutely love Christmas time, the reason? I get to spend time with my family. No lie.
      It hasn't really been about the presents this year or two years past, because my family hasn't had an abundance of money, but I'm okay with that. Besides, I did get a car for an early Christmas Present.
     But, I was thinking about it, and what do you get a 16-year old girl for Christmas? At this point in her life with all the birthday's and Christmas's she's experienced, she probably already has a laptop and cellphone and an ipod (except for in my case, I don't have any of those.... But I don't have a dire need for them except for maybe the cell phone. I've been out of a phone for like 2 months!). If she's musically inclined, you could probably buy her an instrument, that's true (Oh! I got a harmonica for Christmas folks!) But there will come a time, in most cases, when she has all the electronics she wants, or instruments she wants, and then what do the parents buy for that "big Christmas present"? It's just so easy to get kids Christmas presents, because almost everything pleases them.
     My mom got my 2nd cousins puppets and a puppet theatre, which was the perfect gift, because my one cousin, Kaelyn LOVES to put on puppet shows. She also got barbie dolls. And then her two year-old brother got on of those mini cars you can drive in (btw, I'm totally jealous of him, cause I totally wanted one of those as a kid, but didn't get one...). You can't buy those things for a 16 year-old girl.
     So, Christmas has become more about family for me. All I got for Christmas this year was a change counter, makeup, a razor, chapstick, a key chain, a hula guy for my dash, harmonica stuff and money. Sure, I had things on my Christmas list like an acoustic electric guitar and a traditional ukulele, but I already have an acoustic guitar and an acoustic electric ukulele, so I really don't need those things. I also had a point and shoot camera on there, because mine broke, but I just use my sister's camera all the time because she never uses it. It's all just stuff. I don't need a whole lot in life, because I have a really good life, and I have most the things I want.

Coat-Calvin Klein/Burlington Coat Factory
Scarf-Local thrift store
Dress-Charolette Russe
Shoes-Charolette Russe
Anyways, I went to the mall today, and I bought some stuff. Cause that's what ya usually do at the mall. Unless you're broke. I got two bras from Victoria's Secret a pair of jeans from Hollister, a beautiful beaded cardigan (in F21 of all places!) and some black oxfords from Aldo. I was overly ecstatic when I walked past F21 and I saw the cardigan in the window, you have no idea. I had $40 left to spend, and I was going to spend it wisely, and I didn't have much interest in anything else once I got the sweater. Oh mannnnn it's so yummy :)
Here are my shoes. I had to order them 'cause they didn't have the size I am in the store. So essited to get them:)
 I was going to get them in brown, buttt, I found a pair just like them on the F21 website, in brown, for less.
Anyways, that's all I have for today, hope you all had a happy holiday :)


Tayler said...

Love those tights!

Anonymous said...

Those tights are AMAZING! And I love the silhouette of your dress :)

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maggeygrace said...

Your tights are SO great. I love them. I would wear those in a second!

ShopeDelano said...

I love the tights! <3

Myriam said...

I totally know what you mean by Christmas gifts, it's part of the reason why I strayed away from all retail. It seems like people just bought stuff to buy it, to have something to give...without giving it much thought. That bothers me.

Oh well. Haha! Are you going to wear any of your new finds for NYE?

♥ ♥ ♥