Monday, February 14, 2011

The air

 Sooo, Valentine's day. This is the first Valentines day that I have someone to celebrate it with. It's been pretty awesome so far, I must say, considering I was woken up by A. In my room. With a dozen roses and a little bear. I was in my pajamas and had disheveled hair, but he didn't care. It's also our 10 month today. He's a pretty awesome kid, I must say.
I wore this last Monday, during Hell Week. On this day, the inductees were assigned to dress like their inductor. This was my inductee's attempt at dressing like me. Points for trying....
 I was hoping she'd at least wear a high waist skirt or something! Tights, a vest, a scarf! But it is what it is.
 Hopefully, I'll be going out on a date later tonight with A. :)
Shirt- Old Navy
Scarf- Great Grandma
Skirt- Local Thrift Store
Jewelry-Local Thrift Store
Belt-Salvation Army
Shoes- UO

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Anonymous said...

How cute :) Hope you had a happy Valentines Day!

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