Thursday, February 17, 2011

How they Sing about love

 This outfit is from Tuesday last week. I really like this top. It's from Frederick's of Hollywood though.... Which is a lingerie store... :)
 There's not much going on in my life right now. I didn't have any homework tonight, which is a rare occurrence. I really want to get started on some sewing projects, the pile of things I want to hem or take in is increasing while my motivation is dwindling...
I got inducted into the Spanish Honor Society tonight. Pretty cool stuff. I came in right as the ceremony was starting because I was in a time crunch. I had a college class today that ended at 6:45, and the ceremony started at 7. Buttttt, it was all cool. Apparently Senora said that "she looks cute even when she's late". Haha
 Shirt-Local Thrift store
Skirt-Local Thrift Store
Earring's-Gift from great grandma

 I went shopping for the goodwill ball yesterday, and I got some superb stuff, I gotta tell ya! MC Hammer-esque pants and a Striped cropped blazer ( I was told it looked like something Beetlejuice would wear) For those of you that don't know what the Goodwill ball is, it's basically an event put on by a club I'm in, where everyone goes to a thrift store and buys an ugly outfit
 This is what I wore last year :)

Moving right along, Tuesday of last week was mime day for the thespian inductees.
 Here's my boyfriend with his inductee
 My inductee had to dress up like a member of the blue man group and do a performance at the end of the day with all the other inductees dressed up like blue men group members. She made me proud :)

As you all know, Monday was Valentine's day. It was also mine and Adam's 10 month. Monday was also the day I was reminded of how romantic my boyfriend could be. Story timeee

Alright, Monday, we had off of school. Yay for me, right? I'll spend all of Valentine's day with him! Well, not so much. Adam had a rehearsal for a senior project he's in scheduled that day from 9 to 2 at a school like, 45 minutes away. Well, I wasn't that bummed about it actually, because that meant I got to sleep in later, and be well rested when I got to hang out with Adam later in the day.
     So, I had the mindset that I wouldn't be hanging out with him until later, no big deal. He had other plans for that though. At 7:30, I'm woken up by my boyfriend, flowers in one hand, a teddy bear in the other, and a giant smile on his face. I love his romantic side :) Definitely the best Valentine's day ever:)

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