Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's all for the stage

 I'm busy busy lately. I finished my comp I paper, and I'm turning it in today. I have to catch myself up on two lessons of math before Thursday so I can take my test and be able to pass it. I need to fill out forms for induction into the Spanish Honor Society to be turned in by tomorrow. I need to get my Thespian induction stuff in order, andddd I need to clean.
 So, my school system is a tad bit stupid. At the beginning of second semester, I was put in English 3 honors, which I requested not to be put in, because I'm enrolled in Comp I at my community college. That class satisfies my english credit, so I don't need to be taking an extra english class at the high school. They put me in one anyways.... And took away my Pre-Calc class, which I need to fulfill having a math credit, so I can graduate and move on with my life blahblahblah. So, I sent in a schedule change form, and waited for my new schedule. And waited. Last week on Friday, one of my friends came up to me and told me that my math teacher had been marking me absent. And I was like "that's weird, because I never got a schedule telling me that I had that class". Turns out I got switched into the class and I never got sent a new schedule. Stupid.
 I have to have all my thespian induction things put together by Thursday to give to my inductee by Friday. I decided that I'm making her be Peter Pan for character day. I bought her stuff to make a hat for me. We also make them do challenges, and one of the ones she'll have to do is make a scarf for me. I bought a white square of fabric, some pearl like beads, some black beads, and some.... cool beads. I hope she's creative! I still need to figure out an animal to make her be for animal day. Any ideas?
 Today I also signed up to be a belly-like dancer in my school musical. I didn't get a lead, so I'm trying to get as many little parts as i can! Haha.
Belt-Sherrif's Youth Ranch


KANI said...

love the metal detail on your belt, it looks so fierce!

Katie said...

reply: thanks!! hoping to get some more cool pics up if i can.

Wow I'd be kinda pissed considering, at least, when I miss even ONE math class I get all confused and can't catch up. They should have told you straight away!
Good luck with getting everything done, lots to do sure is stressful.