Monday, April 20, 2009

Are you trying to look prim and proper?

So, that romper I got from the Goodwill many moons ago is definitely too short to wear to school on its own. Buttt, I did find a way to make it school appropriate for school. So, I wore it today. All I had to do was put a pair of jeans and a cardigan on over it. Because we can't show our shoulders. Oh noooo. Those boys will get way too crazy seeing shoulders. I guess that rule will make sense to me someday.
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Romper-Thrifted Cardigan-F21 Pants-Abercrombie Belt-Boyfriend Aviators-F21 Bracelet-Gift
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My boyfriend always seems to have some comment about my outfit. So, when I walked up to him this morning, He asked why my shirt was tucked in. "Are you trying to be neat?" Now usually, him making comments about my outfit would make me self concious. But it didn't, because I felt good in what I was wearing. Actually, the only time I felt self concious in an outfit I was wearing, was the first time I wore something I bought from the Goodwill. It was an oversized cardigan. He said I looked like a grandma in it. But, ya know, that cardigan was my first used piece of clothing. It was like my baby, my first love. I wasn't gonna let a comment from my boyfriend break that love! It still holds a place in my closet, and my heart... Actually, one of the buttons came off yesterday. It seems to be a problem button, this'll be the second time it's popped off. I'll have to give it a good stern talking to, make sure it stays in it's place.
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Okay, so, I personally think this romper is too short for my taste. So putting jeans or shorts over it solves my problem. But I just love the floral pattern, and how there's a black background. I'm still hoping I'll find an even more awesome floral dress.

And oh my ggoshhh, get this:
My dad made his very own pair of bleached jeans when he was a teen. Him saying that totally made my day. It would be such a bonding experience to make bleached jeans with him.

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Becca Joy said...

I adore this romper! I think you should wear it without the jeans, its way to cute to be hidden!