Saturday, April 11, 2009

Look ma! I did it all by myself!

I fell superly awesome today. And right now, you're asking yourself "Why is that, Danielle?". Well, I finally got my mom's sewing machine out today, and I tailored a shirt. It's the plaid flannel one I got from the Goodwill on Thursday.
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Shirt-Mens Section, Goodwill Bracelets-Handmade, Gift Jeans-Bullhead Shoes(not pictured)-Vans(Black Slip ons)

So, once I had gotten all the pins in and was about to start sewing, I remembered "I forgot to take a before picture". So, I want you to imagine this shirt 2 and 1/2 inches bigger on each side. Yeah. It was a lot bigger. And my sister said to tuck the front of my shirt into my jeans, 'cause she saw them do it that way on the PacSun website. And it worked for decreasing the size a little bit, but it kinda looked weird, but kinda good at the same time.
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I've definitely got the inspiration bug now though. I can walk into a Goodwill store, and instead of looking at a shirt and saying "Oh, that's too big," I'll just add, "But I can change it". Knowing that I can do this to a garment opens up so many possibilites and knocks down so many boundaries. And I've finally found my perfect plaid shirt. I was always frustrated with the shirts I found in mall stores, the sides went up too high and the fit was usually weird. But I dont need mall stores anymore, oh no! I can make my perfect shirt without spending $15! So, ha!, to them.

Now I just have to convince my mom to take me to Joann's or a place like that. I've attempted making a vest before, but never got around to finishing it. Mostly because I was making it with the help of my mom's friend, and because I put in a bag and hung it on a hook near the front door, and it mysteriously dissapeared.

I probably wouldn't wear it though (even though it actually looked nice). I put darts in it because I used to like my clothes to be like a second skin. But I've actually found darts to be the problem as to why I can't find a vest that fits me the wai I like it. Ya see, I usually like to wear my vests open, and it looks weird open because of the shape the darts give it. Butt, If I get a vest without darts, I won't have that problem. I just need to get a vest pattern, and I'll have no problem.

Lastly, I'm going to the mall today with some friends. All of my friends are getting their liscences, and I haven't even gotten my permit yet. It's soo frustrating. I want to have the freedom of the open road. I could go thrifting EVERY day. I could get a job and buy a sewing machine. But no, I just have to sit here and wait my turn. Oh well.

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