Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goodwill Store!

I went to the Salvation Army today. I got four things for the price of one thing at a store in the mall. Gotta love cheap things. And plus, the money goes to charity.

So, first, I headed for the dresses, hoping to find a nice, floral, flowy dress. I was combing through the selection, and then I saw flower print out of the corner of my eye. I took it out, and was delighted to see it looked like it wold be a good fit. Then I realized it was a romper. The first time I saw a romper, I absolutely hated the idea of it. But, I held on to it, decided to give it a try. And plus, I could just put a high waist skirt over it and no one would know. But if the me back in sixth grade saw the me today buying a romper, she'd think I was crazy. I NEVER thought in my wilidest dreams I'd buy a romper.
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I like the way Nicole Richie wears this romper

Then, I headed over to the sweater section. Now, first of all, I must say, the sweater section of Goodwills IS my drug. I've found at least one thing I like there everytime I go. I just can't stay away from that section. I always know there'll be something I like. Something that'll be just baggy enough, with the right amount of old-ladyishness to it. Something that fits like this:
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With a pattern like this:
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(well, maybe little less of a bold pattern)

I finally got a plaid shirt too. It's blue and nice. Then I got a blazer type thing. It's definitely thinner than a true blue blazer, but it works for the weather where I am. And plus, the shoulder pads were easily ripped out. I'm not a big fan of shoulder pads. That's the problems with blazers at the goodwill for me, there's no easy way to get the shoulder pads out. I also tried looking through the vests, because all the vests I try on in mall-like stores are too short (I like my vests to go at least to my waist). I didn't find anything, seeing as the vest selection for the girls is about as big as half of my arm is long, buttt, I saw a super cute black vest with some stellar white embroidery on it, in another girls hands. I'll get lucky one day though.

I'm also recently obsessing over getting a pair of wingtip shoes.
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Non Faux said...

That patterned sweater is AWESOME. I'd totally wear it.