Friday, April 10, 2009

It's like being in love.

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Sweater-thrifted Bracelets-DIY, gift from friend Pants-Abercrombie Necklace-Hi Ho Silver Co. Shoes(not pictured)-Minnetonka Moccasin Shop

This is the sweater I got from the Goodwill. When I walked up to my boyfriend and his friends this morning at school, they were like, "Oh look, a tree! Go stand next to that tree over there. We wouldn't be able to tell the difference."
I like it a lot though. There's silver stitching for the "branches", and it has a little bit of bat wing going on.

Ohmygosh! I forgot to say, I also found leather (or maybe faux leather) jacket at the Goodwill store yesterday. I didn't like the fit, butttt, I now totally want a leather jacket. The one I tried on was like, only $7. It would look awesome with some little floral dress under it with Doc Marten-esque boots with it. Mhhh, perfection.
I'm totally into that girly look with added punk, or grunge.
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Alright, so I would love it if you guys sent me some DIY's. Clothes related, relatively easy. And maybe some online vintage stores, (cheap pleaseee). Thanks:)

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