Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Full House

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This kept coming up while I was looking for pictures of the clothes Candice and the other younger cast members wore. It's a Chinese drama about a movie star and a "normal" girl trying tp find love or something. The story line seemed an overplayed story.

Anyways, Full House. I like how the outfits Candice wore were put together. I was just watching an episode where she wears a jacket with cool chain stuff on it. I would've loved to raid her closet.... or wardrobe. I guess it would be wardrobe because it's what was picked out, not from her closet, for her to wear for the show. Unlesss... Those are her personal clothes! That would be so much more inspiring to me, seeing all of the things she's put together. I guess I can only wonder...
Then there's "Kimmy". I've seen mostly quirky outfits on her, sometimes stuff I liked.

Have you guys ever seen that style where the collar of the shirt or sweatshirt you're wearing is cut out? I used to have a picture of me in a sweatshirt like that, cut by me, worn as a halloween costume. Maybe I'll be able to find it later.
But yeah, I wanna recreate that. Except this time get a better fitting sweatshirt. Another way I keep imagining it is getting a big shirt with a sweet image on it. I would probably have to take it in, but I think it'd look awesome. I'll probably get one on my next Goodwill adventure.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicOh look, it's me a year ago. Hi middle school Danielle!
On another note, I've been debating getting side bangs again. I have to, well, I feel the need to, straighten my long bangs every day. I think my hair is naturally wavy. And my long bangs do this weird wavy thing that annoys the heck out of me. I keep thinking that once I grow out my bangs it'll be better, but that's taking sooo long. And I don't like having to straighten my hair EVERY day, I know it damages my hair. And whenever I get a haircut, the hair lady compliments how thick and healthy my hair is. Then I started straightening my hair, andit turned to "there's some breakage here". I'll just keep waiting it out... I think. What do you think I should do?

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